Mission Statement


Bilagaanas Jewelry is a manufacturer built around the vision of creating the finest quality jewelry of its kind. We are totally dedicated to design consistency and uniqueness. Every Bilagaanas employee touches in some way the success of each item we create.


We will never allow any of our creations to be finalized into our line without fully believing it to be ready for the marketplace. We are Bilagaanas Jewelry, and our customer expects the continued highest service and products… That will always be!

About Owner Craig Blanchard

I came to New Mexico from the Northwest to go to college, and just after I graduated from UNM, a friend of mine told me he was giving up jewelry sales to help his mother. I made a deal with him and took off on the road selling American Indian Jewelry, of which I knew nothing but had friends who were doing it and making money. To my surprise, it was a fit for me.

I sold on the road for five years, but I couldn’t get the fabulous jewelry I wanted to sell from the people I was working for, so I struck out on my own with a loan from my Mom and Dad. 

Eunice Dienst, who ran the Ranch Kitchen in Gallup, NM, let me hang out and meet all the great artists who came in to sell to her. At the same time, Jamal Barrack (who had sold his jewelry manufacturing business to spend time with his other ventures) gave me a two-week crash course in manufacturing Native handmade jewelry. Between those two, I put together a group of outstanding artists, some of whom are still with me.

I still love this business and am so lucky to come to work in a world of spectacular beauty and creativity that is the Native art business.

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